Act 31 of 67: Often the little things go a long way

On Wednesday morning 12 February 2015, Team Khipa Vuma gathered with a variety of magazines we collected over the last month.

These magazines were delivered at SAPD (Soweto Association of Persons with Disabilities) to assist the beneficiaries at the association with tertiary learning projects & skills development. A simple object like a old magazine can make a huge difference in the lives of others, now the beneficiaries have a wide range of magazine to browse through, cut out & paste to complete projects.

The Soweto Association of Persons with Disabilities (SAPD) is a Non-Profit organization & also registered as a Public Benefit organization. This organization assists people with disabilities from the age of 18 & above whether it is counseling, community development, advice on social grounds, courses to assist with job placement & group work life skills.

We hope that our small contribution can assist in a big way.

To find out how you can get involved please visit them on: